About Monica Toner

Monica Toner’s love of art and design began at a young age. She was inspired by her grandfather who took up painting during his retirement. His curiosity was contagious and his paintings filled his home with magic.

After completing a University degree and working many jobs, in multiple fields, she decided that it was time to focus inward and follow her passions. In December of 2020, Monica jumped into art , freelancing and entrepreneurship full-time.

Her main influences are connection, spirituality and nature. Her style is surreal and vibrant, sitting somewhere in between reality and cartoon.

In Q2 of 2021, Monica will be releasing her first official collection of small batch products. This collection reflects her current goals of learning to meditate, reflect, and live more mindfully.
The Meditation Collection.

In addition to this physical product collection, she has begun to build a digital portfolio where she will be focusing on translating her personal philosophy into cartoons and symbols.
Systematic Focus.

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