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The Fabric Wrap

The Fabric Wrap.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It is used for many things, including:

Bandana/ Napkin/ Scarf / Headband/ Decor/ Gift Wrap/ Project storage/ Hand towel
(and so much more!)

For wrapping techniques, Marie Kondo has a great video:
To learn more about the art of furoshiki, try this wikipedia link:

Why Fabric Wrap?

Fabric wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to many commonly used products. These wraps are made from mindfully selected end-of-roll fabrics, designed to last through many uses. End of roll fabrics are often discarded and thrown into the landfill. Using fabric wrap supports local makers, prevents waste and is a versatile alternative to many one-time-use products.

In this present world, we all need to be more careful than ever. Bring this fabric wrap with you as a shield of sorts- you can use it as a mask (or over a mask), use it to open doors or wipe your hands. The possibilities are endless!

Wrap mindfully / Start a new tradition

Fabric wrap looks beautiful as gift wrap and folds up small enough to fit in your purse. It gets softer with each use and can be hand washed! Delight the host of your next dinner party or gathering with a set of fabric wraps to be used as napkins!

What will you use it for? Try starting a new tradition by wrapping a special gift in the cloth, with a note indicating your intention for the cloth, or perhaps a note with the people who have previously received it! Embroider the recipients name and encourage them to do the same if they pass it along!