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Meditation Cushions

Meditation Cushions

Bodhi Leaf Meditation Pillow.!

Meditation is beneficial to anyone and everyone. It can be done in many ways and is known to bring clarity and insight. I love having a dedicated space and pillow for meditation. This way, every time I see the pillow or walk by the space, I think about meditation and mindfulness.

In my search for the perfect pillow, I found that there weren’t many options available options. Enter: Leaf Cushion!

These pillows are designed to accompany you during your meditation practice. They are all hand made, making them one of a kind pieces of art.

Each pillow is filled with polyester and is rated on a ‘softness scale’ of 1 to 5, with 1 being very soft, and 5 being as stuffed as possible. These cushions will settle over time and become flatter with use. If this happens, (hopefully) it means you have successfully created a meditation practice. Congratulations!

So far, there have been 11 different versions of this cushion and I’m working on a couple of iterations that will improve the stability and function of the designs. I plan to standardize and narrow in on 3 or 4 designs once this initial iteration phase is finished. Streamlining the pattern and process will increase the efficiency of the production process and quality assurance.

Each pillow currently has one hand sewn seam. I have done my best to make sure this seam stands the test of time and welcome any feedback on this, or any other features of the design. I want these pillows to be the kind of product that age well and your feedback will help me iterate until I have found that sweet spot!

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